Plastics Thermoforming

Thermoforming is part of the thermo deep-drawing process (hot forming) and is mostly
used in series production. With our 35 years experience we offer you know-how at the
highest level relating to plastics thermoforming with forming tools. Through the thermo-
forming of plastics many types of shapes can be manufactured such as housing parts
and shells.

Powerfully brought into shape

Our strength lies in the production of technical parts and prototypes. This is in addition
to other production procedures such as welding, gluing, riveting, etc. It is important to us
to provide our know-how already during the development phase and thereby together find
the optimal solution for your requirements. Of course we also advise you in material
selection and the possibilities of design and surfaces.

Through our resources in metal technology, we are capable in most cases to cost-effectively
produce the required moulds in-house. In this way we can guarantee you the maximum
flexibility in moulding production, shape and price optimisation.

Mr. Eng. Gerald Hager will gladly consult you on the possibilities provided by plastics
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